You have to learn how to resist a good opportunity. 

I was walking back to my dorm when I saw a bus taking students to an off campus site to do community service. I didn’t ask any questions. I joined them. It was a great decision. I was helping them serving food to the homeless. Campus Kitchen is the club that was serving the food. They take left over ingredients from the dinning hall and prepare the food themselves. Guest what? Now, I have one more club meeting to attend.

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Mike '16

My name is Mike Stevenson Presendieu. I am a sophomore. I am originally from Haiti but I have lived in New York city for the past three years. I am a Political Science major, French minor and considering a Jewish studies minor as well. I am a brother of Chi Psi. So far, at Union, I have grew as a student and as a person. I became better student and a better person. I studied abroad in Senegal over the summer and it was a truly eye-opening experience. I am now aware of the world that surrounds me and the people who are part of this world. I am proud a Dutchman. Union'16. Go Greek.

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