On Thursday night my Greek class went to see  Union’s drama department, perform Orestes, the adaptation by Anne Washburn that modernized Euripides’ original tragedy. It was so much better than I had expected! The costumes and set designs fit the performance, the musical numbers were so well done, and, last but absolutely not least, the actors were phenomenal! (Including the British woman who was a surprise voice of Apollo from the heavens, or the

After the show, my class stayed after to discuss the performance with the costume designer, the set designer, and the director. They explained that the British woman speaking as Apollo was supposed to be jarring, just like the modern-ancient inspired costumes and set. They also explained at Union is actually the first college to ever perform Anne Washburn’s adaptation of Orestes  and pictures of this performance (set, costumes, performers, etc) are going to be featured in promotional literature about the play to show other colleges! Bravo, Yulman Theater!