my new sisters!


Exactly one week ago, I gained more sisters than I could ever hope for. As the youngest of two with only an older brother, I never got to experience the joy of having an older sister, a younger sister or even a twin sister. But after initiation last Tuesday, I gained 120 new sisters to share not only my time at Union with, but the rest of my life with. After a long new member education process, which only made the anticipation of finally becoming a sister even harder to bare, I, at long last, was accepted into the fold of Delta Delta Delta, Beta Psi. Before coming to college, the idea of joining a sorority would make me gag a little. I had lots of girlfriends, but I didn’t relish the idea of being forced into the sorority girl stereotype, and I didn’t want that stigma on me. But after just a term at Union as a freshman, I knew that I couldn’t wait to rush, and I finally got my opportunity this past fall. My new member education was the most rewarding experience of my life and I was given the amazing gift of befriending and loving 43 girls in my grade alone, developing a bond as a pledge class that goes beyond anything else. I have so much Delta Love pumping through my veins, and I am so happy to be able to say I’ve made the best decision of my life. Prospective students: don’t let the stereotypes of Greek life let you shy away from the idea of rushing or joining. I firmly believe that the camaraderie and lifelong relationships gained from joining a fraternity or sorority here on Union are positively invaluable. 

the best big in the world and i on initiation night!
some of my closest friends and i finally throwing up the triple D!
44 is 1
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Maura is a senior from Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, a small town north of Boston on Cape Ann. She is an intern in the College's Communications Office, where she runs a blog and writes articles for the website - look for the Maura Driscoll '15 byline! Maura is also the Collegiate Alumni Relations Chair of the Delta Delta Delta, Beta Psi sorority here on campus. Last fall, she studied abroad in York, England! Now, as a senior, she is also on the Senior Gift Committee, responsible for giving and the planning of senior week. Additionally, she is on the Student Conduct Committee, as well as the Fraternity and Sorority Judiciary Board. She is pursuing a Psychology major and Spanish minor, and hopes to attend law school post-grad. A severe theatre addict, Maura was president of her drama program in high school and has been performing since the age of seven. She is also a fan of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, quoting movies, holidays, Harry Potter, naps, nostalgia, organization and sushi.