Not so event-ful Election Day

Instead of going to the speakers and talks and events on campus today or predicting and watching the results tonight, I’m spending the entirety Election Day in the library, studying for the GRE… again. I’m retaking the general exam on Thursday, I have a draft of a final paper due on Friday, and then I’m taking English Literature subject test on Saturday morning. Oh, and then next week is finals week. Terrible, terrible timing on my part… Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving break finally gets here I’ll have time to catch up on politics and current events?

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Ceillie '13

Hi! I’m Ceillie! I moved from what I thought was a really small town (Watertown, CT) to an actually really small ‘village’ (Whitehall, NY) right before high school, so I already had two hometowns before Union and Schenectady became my home away from home! I’m now settled into my senior year, writing my thesis on Shakespeare and Sophocles for both of my majors, English and Classics. When I’m not in Schaffer library studying or working at the Writing Center, I love to watch terrible tv shows, read, write, laugh, and explore. I love when people say please and thank you, and I really love when they read about my day to day life at the U on Union Unfiltered!

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