Scandal is a TV show on the ABC network that I cannot stop watching .It is a political show aired on April 5, 2012 inspired by the work of Judy Smith as crisis manager during the Bush administration. The politics is so great in the show.  Kerry Washington plays the lead role as Olivia Pope. If you are not watching Scandal, you are missing out. I love this show so much. I spent 30 minutes yesterday learning my favorite quotes from the show.

Here are some of them.


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Olivia Pope: Artie Hornbacher played us. For two days he wagged our dog. I’m not proud of that. But he played you for 16 years. Who knows what secrets he stole along the way, right out from underneath your nose. What a great story! The kind of story that leads to Congressional hearings and mass firings and books and movies. Juicy stuff.

Olivia: We fight this with the network, not in court. We stiffen their backbone, freedom of the press, unconstitutional intrusion of the right to privacy.

Quinn: A man’s cell phone is his castle