Early, early, early (about 8:50. I can’t believe I have even earlier classes next trimester) at breakfast this morning, me and some kids were talking about the election, of course. I am ecstatic that Obama won (at least so far)!

But, it seems that many people aren’t so happy with these results. My friend was reading to me his Facebook newsfeed and about every status was something negative about how the election turned out. This really surprised me because I’m pretty sure not a single one of my Facebook friends had any status today besides about how happy they were (including the many posts commending New Hampshire for having the first all female delegation!). I saw statuses such as “Four more years!”, “Victory”, this sight, , “America is affirmed. This is no place for views that cement the few above the many. We continue now, as always, to move forward.”, and so many others.
So I was shocked that this wasn’t universal.

It’s strange to see how just who someone is Facebook friends with can really have such a bias on big matters like this, or even little ones that we don’t think about. I guess so much of it is where you’re from. I barely knew conservatives were more than just fairy tales before I got here.

It was just an interesting part of my day today that I thought I’d share.