Apparently I am very oblivious to what’s going on around me, because the last two years my friends have major surprised me fr my birthday.

Last year it was a surprise party.

And this year it was a surprise friend weekend here.

My three best friends from home had been arranging this surprise with one of my friends here for a while. After Shabbat dinner at Chabad, I was just napping, when I heard some people come into my room. I thought it was my friend Emily from down the hall so I just kept sleeping thinking I could go see her later. But then they said my name. I literally thought I was dreaming!

It was just two of them here at this point. They got there late. I wasn’t supposed to be in my room, but because of the timing I was.

Then the next day I thought they were leaving, but SUPRISE they were staying another night.

And then on my way to the bathroom from a friend’s room, stopping to get shoes, ANOTHER surprise…Megan! She drove over four hours from her frisbee tournament to get here. AND a giant poster of a picture of the four of us on my wall. An unflattering picture of us all, but the love was for sure visible.

the picture that was taped on my wall

After Green Market the next day, Elizabeth and Katie had to leave to go back to school, but Megan got to stay because she had no class today. And she’s spending the night here. She’s actually coming to walk me back from work in like 20 minutes.

It was really the best gift I could ask for (plus they gave me earrings, caramel, a fanny pack, and noodles (which Meg and I cooked in Minerva for a late-night snack).

I have no work tonight so it’s a perfect time for Megan and I to have some bonding time. I can’t wait.