Last week I overheard a girl talking about how many weeks of college she had left — and that’s when it hit me: after today, I have exactly 50 weeks left in my college career. 50! That’s a frighteningly small number! How did that happen!?

Granted, I feel like I’ve had enough experiences to count for a lifetime of college (hello, who goes to two different colleges during their undergrad career? this girl), but at the same time that does not mean I’m ready for it to be over just yet! There’s still so much I want to do while I still have the cherished college cushion (college is a bubble, yes, but it’s also a buffer and an amazing time to delve into your personal interests and really figure out who you are). Classic Cat would make a list of things she wants to do in these precious 50 weeks (which would inevitably turn into a stress-inducing to-do list), but I think Contemporary Cat is just going to go with the flow, seize opportunities as they arise, take risks, and set her only goal as living in the moment. I’m never going to stop pushing myself like crazy, but it’s time to let go and let live!

So whether you’re a first year with 110 weeks left, a sophomore with 80 weeks left, a junior with 50 weeks left, or a senior with just 20 weeks left (eek!), join me in making college count!