On Sunday Hillel sponsored a trip to see the matinee performance of Wicked at Proctors Theater!

Last week was terribly busy with work and exams and, especially after the GRE Subject tests on Saturday, I was looking forward to a much-needed break, and so excited to see Wicked.

Before the performance, Professor Moutillet talked about how many different people are involved in a production, and shared some personal behind-the-scenes experiences. After that, we headed to Proctors to see the show… which was phenomenal! I knew the basic premise of the storyline and some of the music, but all of it obviously made so much more sense in context. The performance also so exceeded my expectations- and the voices were amazing! (“Defying Gravity” is still stuck in my head two days later.)

At the end of the show, someone went onto the stage and addressed the cast members directly… It turns out that it was the Mayor presenting the cast of Wicked with a key to Schenectady!