Finals Week Disaster

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Broken LaptopI’m halfway through finals week. I’ve already finished the final lab for my physics course. I’m studying efficiently for my math final and I only have a ten page paper due for my preceptorial course. . . .Too bad my laptop broke yesterday. Where I could have worked in the comfort of my room, now I have to hunker down in the library. Where I could have kept all the files conveniently on my laptop, now I have to work off a thumb drive. Where I could have procrastinated over my paper, now I actually have to focus. I’m actually not that worried about it.

Level Up





I embrace the challenge.

It has been said that when life gets hard, you’ve just leveled up.

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Xavier '16

Xavier Capaldi comes from a homestead in Northern Vermont where his family raises sheep, chickens, and rabbits. Xavier was homeschooled his entire life before college. He is majoring in physics and minoring in nanotechnology and math. At Union, Xavier is the co-chair of the Beuth Council. He also plays rugby on the club team and is a tutor in the Physics Help Center. He is known primarily for his ability to consume massive quantities of food during a meal. Xavier has participated in a variety of research projects including: the study of embryonic heart development, analysis of gas released during coffee bean roasting, and development of vanadium catalyst to neutralize chemical warfare agents on fabric.

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