Just because the term is over doesn’t mean my blogging is over! I have some super exciting happens on my calendar for the next six weeks (including, but not limited to: a two week adventure to NYC, an Early Access Event at Morgan Stanley, meeting Union alumni at Citigroup, a Union “Walk Down Wall Street” day, working at AllianceBernstein, seeing my beautiful twin sister again, celebrating Christmas, bringing in the New Year, and participating in an “Urban Plunge” community service project) and I plan to blog about every step along the way! I won’t be posting on Unfiltered directly, but I will be posting on my personal blog, TheGarnetLetter. So please make sure to follow me here!

For other Cat happenings, follow me on Bloglovin’, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Polyvore — there are so many ways to stay connected, please do stay in touch!

Looking forward to what these next few weeks have in store for all of us! xoxo, Cat