First day

It’s the first day of classes… for everyone else.


This term, I’m taking my Shakespeare Seminar and Greek on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then my thesis… so, no class today! Instead, I had a leisurely morning with a gym trip, time to sit down and eat breakfast, and then plenty of time to get ready and do back-to-school errands before I had to go to work at 1pm. I’m hoping this relaxing morning routine stick, because I feel so ready for classes and meetings tomorrow! Something tells me the stress of the term and the snow might mess it up, but I think I’ll try. Too late for a New Years Resolution? Maybe just a winter term plan then!

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Ceillie '13

Hi! I’m Ceillie! I moved from what I thought was a really small town (Watertown, CT) to an actually really small ‘village’ (Whitehall, NY) right before high school, so I already had two hometowns before Union and Schenectady became my home away from home! I’m now settled into my senior year, writing my thesis on Shakespeare and Sophocles for both of my majors, English and Classics. When I’m not in Schaffer library studying or working at the Writing Center, I love to watch terrible tv shows, read, write, laugh, and explore. I love when people say please and thank you, and I really love when they read about my day to day life at the U on Union Unfiltered!

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