I am gladly enjoying the cold and the beautiful snow all over campus but I am a bit worrying about my classes. This term, I am taking a writing class that all freshman have to take their first year(known as Preceptorial),  basic Hebrew 2 and Quebec & French N.America. I am taking two writing classes and a language class. Can I learn a new language while writing papers in English for one class and papers in French for another? I am sure that I will find out in two weeks. Meanwhile, I am freaking out with the thoughts of me not been able to do my best.  However, I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off so I have more time to study. #Sigh.

Random fact: Did you know that Quebec is 3 times bigger than France?

Random pic:

My desk is a total mess. I should probably clean it soon. #notgoingtohappen