how gorgeous does our campus look with all this snow?!

Hopefully, you’re all Adam Sandler fans and know what movie I’m referencing, but just in case you aren’t, it’s a quote from the “Back to School” song in Billy Madison. Classic movie. It’s a silly song, but it happens to fit perfectly at the moment, because I really am back to school! It was a long (a bit too long, if you ask me) winter break, but it certainly was a necessary one. Now, after those relaxing seven weeks, it’s time to get back to business!

Sure, homework, classes and tests aren’t exactly my ideas of a good time, but if I have to sacrifice the luxury of not doing anything in exchange for being back on campus, I am perfectly happy to give that up. As we’re starting winter term, I’m already completely shocked that I am now halfway through my sophomore year here at Union! Time is already going far too fast.

After a quick and painless move in day on Sunday, classes have started back up with a vengeance – Union College certainly does not adhere to the syllabus week stereotype. This term, I am taking Social Psychology, which I am very excited about. Not only is the teacher fantastic, but the material itself is very interesting. I’m also taking a lecture called Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, which I believe will also prove to be a great class. Finally, I’m taking an acting class which I could not be more thrilled about. Theatre is one of my biggest passions, but I haven’t done much of it at all since coming to Union, so I can’t wait to get back into it!