Josh “Toby LaRone” Cantor and I, Cam “Walter Mellon” Duval, tried picking up our radio show Monday right where we left off last term.  Unfortunately, the station is not currently broadcasting and I don’t know why.  I’ve written the student radio station email account to no avail. Maybe they don’t know what’s wrong either.  At some point, thought, we’ll be up and broadcasting again, Mondays from 6pm-7pm.

In the meantime, I’ve been broadening my musical interests.  I keep coming back to the Minnesota bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles.  For a while I’d been looking for a bluegrass band to listen to, and I find that Trampled by Turtles has a nice mix of traditional folksy bluegrass and rock-inspiration that not a lot of people can complain about.  Along the same strain, I recently discovered John Fahey, an acoustic guitarist whose fingerpicking is beautifully mesmerizing.  I’m no fan of country and western, but folk and bluegrass are my bread and butter.  For a few years now my favorite band has been Grizzly Bear, a staple of indie and alternative libraries nowadays.  Their first album, Yellow House, has some incredible acoustic tunes.

Am I putting you to sleep?  That stuff’s not for everyone, I know.  Let’s wake you up with a little Yellabird, a Boston local rock duo I was lucky enough to get to see before they went on a long hiatus.  Or maybe you need something a little more synth-heavy to groove to, in which case I suggest Black Moth Super Rainbow.  Or maybe you’re into rap, or hip-hop.  And if you’re a big jazz fan, I’ve got plenty of it.

Now I’ve probably put you back to sleep with bossanova.  Don’t worry, it tends to happen.  I’ve put my roommates to sleep with the stuff.  Anyway, our radio show’ll be back on the air soon!  Don’t worry!