Even though it is only the first week of winter term, my friends and I are already fully capable of complaining constantly about the cold when it comes time for dinner. Thanks to the freezing weather, we almost never want to leave Fox to walk to Upper or Reamer for dinner. Instead, we prefer to have delivery boys brave the cold for us instead. Winter term at Union is notorious for creating a feeling of cabin fever, and believe me, the feeling sets in quick. Here are some of my friends and I’s favorite places to order food from!

Homestyle Kitchen: If you’re looking for some delicious food just like Mom makes, and plenty of options, this is the place for you. Homestyle has everything from pasta to pizza to salad and more, as well as delicious soups for when you’re feeling under the weather. Not to mention the fact that you definitely get your money’s worth. For $12, you can get a large portion of pasta, along with a side salad and dinner rolls.

Mr. Wasabi: Probably one of the most popular restaurants for Union kids in our area, Mr. Wasabi is downright awesome. If you’re looking for sushi or another form of Japanese cuisine, this is absolutely the place to order from. Plus, the delivery is almost always quick and simple, and the delivery people are pretty pleasant. The only downside is that it can get a little pricey, but the sushi is so good that it’s worth it.

Nico’s: If I had to choose a favorite place that delivers, I would probably choose Nico’s. They have amazing pizza and wings, as well as a ton of other options. It also definitely doesn’t hurt that the man who usually answers the phone is an absolute sweetheart.

Hunan Wok: As far as Chinese goes, it’s probably the quintessential delivery food option for college students, and Schenectady certainly has plenty of places to order from. After having tried a few of the local Chinese deliveries, I always find myself going back to the restaurant that you’ve probably received seven hundred menus slid under the door of your dorm room.

Another helpful hint I have for delivery service is www.mealeo.com. Whether you get nervous talking on the phone, are afraid you’ll mess up your order because you didn’t understand the person who answered or simply want to pay with a credit card number, mealeo.com is the perfect website. All of these restaurants are on the website, and it makes ordering so much easier. Considering I almost never have cash on me, I swear by it! Happy ordering!