Last night I attended the Russian and Eastern European club event showing of part one of the 1974 Soviet film The Irony of Fate.  The film is a situational romantic comedy about a man who passes out in Moscow and wakes up in Leningrad but doesn’t realize it because Khruschev-era Soviet cities all looked the same.  The production isn’t anything to wag a stick at, but I enjoyed watching part one.  The protagonist’s slow realization that he is, indeed, in an apartment in Leningrad identical to his apartment in Moscow is played well and from a comedic standpoint.

Probably my favorite thing about it, though, was recognizing a good amount of the Russian vocabulary.  Of course I couldn’t understand everything that they were saying without subtitles, but there were phrases I recognized and putting the Russian vocabulary with English subtitles definitely helped me with the pronunciation of certain words.  I’ll definitely be going back for part two!