Cookie Creations!

During the week I rarely get a chance to sit down for lunch, but today I got out of my thesis meeting early and headed to Upper  (or, Upperclass dining hall for those not on a first name basis)…  solely because I knew there was a cupcake bar, where there are different frostings, sprinkles, oreo crumbles, and other toppings to create-your-own cupcake. I ran into someone who had (instead of the cupcake) made a delicious-looking cookie sandwich, and I was obviously inspired (and determined) to make my own.

I passed on the oreo crumbles (I’m not sure how I feel about cookie on cookie) and the sprinkles (I actually hate sprinkes) so my chocolate chip cookie and vanilla frosting sandwich was significantly more plain… but SO GOOD!

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Ceillie '13

Hi! I’m Ceillie! I moved from what I thought was a really small town (Watertown, CT) to an actually really small ‘village’ (Whitehall, NY) right before high school, so I already had two hometowns before Union and Schenectady became my home away from home! I’m now settled into my senior year, writing my thesis on Shakespeare and Sophocles for both of my majors, English and Classics. When I’m not in Schaffer library studying or working at the Writing Center, I love to watch terrible tv shows, read, write, laugh, and explore. I love when people say please and thank you, and I really love when they read about my day to day life at the U on Union Unfiltered!

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