Just realized my Drowsy Chaperone post was the first one I’ve done this term. Whoops.

So here goes what didn’t before…

I’m back at Union. And it’s January. And every night I use fewer and fewer blankets because it’s not winter.

My break was long and fantastic. I didn’t have a car for most of it…or friends. BUT I did have my skis and a season’s pass, so that worked out well. And then my neighbor sprained her ankle so I got to use her car, so that worked out for everyone, too….

I saw my family and my friends from home; celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas (my favorite). My mom cooked me fantastic food and I caught up on years of sleep.

OH YEAH, and 4 friends and I went to Montreal for New Year’s! (think Celtic/ska music in a halloween themed building with champagne(and poutine, of course))

Montreal in our hotel room

I love break.

But it’s good to be back to the schooling, the dorm-living, the fact that there are people near me (I was getting to be quite the loner at home)

Here are some more break pictures:

^The city on New Year’s

Christmas dinner…we all wore crowns

(ps this is my favorite meal all year. fillet mignon with bearnaise)