Over the weekend I went to the Verizon store at Colonie Center and picked up a new bundle of joy. Isla Keegan was born at approximately 9 pm on Thursday, January 17th. Her skin is the whitest of all the whites, her casing is a bright turquoise blue with dark blue piping, and her brain is filled with 16 GB of memory. In essence, she is a little miracle. Gone is the old smart phone (which was an extremely dim-witted Blackberry) and in its place rests a beautiful, smiling cherub. Anything I’ve ever dreamed of is possible with this new iPhone. I can check my mail, surf the internet ten times faster, download the greatest apps (such as Pinterest, Pandora, and Cooking Academy), and even watch my favorite television shows through online streaming. She is a beauty and I plan on taking the absolute best care of her.

Isla's Homescreen