Last Thursday I took a break from my homework and went to the weekly WRUC radio committee meeting, and despite the essay I have to write today, I’m really looking forward to going to the meeting tonight.  I found everyone on the committee to be very welcoming, so much so that they gave me a position at my first meeting.  I’ll be reviewing albums which we receive from Sony, which will be posted on the WRUC music blog.  I haven’t got a link for it yet, but soon enough I will so you can read my reviews there!

I had my first radio show of the term yesterday and, of course, the autoplaylist overrode the show so I wasn’t broadcasting to anyone.  I’ll bring that up at tonight’s meeting.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who had this happen during my show.

After the meeting I got a sneak peak at some reel-to-reel tapes stashed in a WRUC closet somewhere.  We listened to a 1960 interview with Richard Nixon, then a senator, and there was some prime journalistic work at the hands of the WRUC reporters.  I was also happy to see that Hot Cocoa and Jazz became an event, though the details haven’t quite been worked out yet.

Other than WRUC, I’ve been attending some of the Russian and Eastern European club events.  Last night I watched Part 2 of The Irony of Fate, a 1976 Soviet romantic comedy movie.  There was a showing for Part 1 last Wednesday.  I really enjoyed the movie, there were parts that I found very funny and the story altogether was endearing.  Best of all, though, I found myself recognizing words and phrases throughout the movie.  It’s amazing the progress I’ve made with only a trimester and a half’s worth of Russian language learning.

I’m glad I’ve gotten involved in the Russian and Eastern European club and the WRUC radio committee.  I’ve met some great people and had some great experiences already, and I know there are more to come!