Robin Williams as Prof. John Keating in "Dead Poets Society"

I do now know why I still get so surprised by how brilliant my Union professors are — I definitely should be accustomed to it by now. For example: a few Fridays ago I went in to talk to one of my economics professors during his office hours. I had a very specific mathematical question about a homework problem and was fully prepared to show him my calculations to explain my issue (because I don’t expect anyone to have the time to remember every question on a problem set). However, the second I started explaining my question he jumped in and immediately understood the discrepancy I was about to explain. How do they do it?! I consider myself to be an extremely fastidious person, but my Union professors take accuracy to a whole new level. I have so much respect for the sheer brilliance of the professors on this campus and their genuine devotion to the education of all Union students. Among the myriad of reasons to come to/LOVE Union: profound professors!