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Tonight marks the opus of my second radio show, which will air every Monday night at 8pm.  Get excited!  Get pumped!  We’ll rock your ears and pleasure your primary auditory cortex!  Listen in to From Russia With Love, hosted by myself and co-conspirateur Max Lutze every Monday from 8pm-9pm.

And be sure not to forget about the Affirmative Faction, co-hosted by myself and Josh Cantor, every Wednesday night from 7pm-9pm!  On both shows you’ll hear a melange of music from today and yesteryear, from rock to folk to alt to jazz.  Tune in!  Turn on!  Drop out!  It doesn’t matter where you are, you can stream the show from the WRUC website at any time from a computer or mobile device.

If you’re on campus, you’re in luck!  WRUC is hosting a slew of events in the next few months, which I’ll keep you all posted on.  I’m most excited about Hot Cocoa and Jazz, an event scheduled to take place every Monday from 6-7 in Golub.  That starts in the next few weeks, so brave the cold and come on out to get warm and stay classy with your own mug and the smooth sounds of select jazz hits!

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Cam '16

Cam Duval was born and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts. He is a member of the Union College Class of 2016 and is double majoring in Anthropology and Russian Studies. Cam is on the WRUC 89.7FM Radio Union College executive board, a member of the Russian and Eastern European Culture Club, and lives in ARTS Theme House.

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