College Park Hall

Last night was the first night of this trimester that I went to workout at the gym. I had just finished my 40 minutes of Insanity  and crunches but I decided that the need to workout more was too great to ignore. So I headed downstairs to check out the gym facility in College Park Hall. This was a very exciting time for me because one of the main reasons I decided to move into College Park was due to it having its own gym. From CPH to the gym on campus it is about a 15 minute walk and I couldn’t fathom being covered in my own sweat for that long while having to wear my winter coat. Gross. So the gym in CPH seemed like it would solve all my problems.

I entered the gym and noticed the scattering of a few treadmills, ellipticals, cross trainers, and weight machines along with an area covered in mats for stretching and crunches. The first thing I realized was that I still had WiFi on my iPhone and therefore could stream music without it eating up my data. This is a huge plus as I cannot stream music from YouTube or Pandora when I do not have WiFi (Verizon charges me an arm and a leg if I do make this mistake). I was able to listen to my favorite station on Pandora (alt-j) whilst on the treadmill. I chose a treadmill by the window and was able to look out at the flowing traffic as I ran. This helped to distract me from the pain I was inflicting on my body. When I hopped off the treadmill and was wiping it down I noticed that it was a much older model than I was used to seeing at the Alumni Gym. This didn’t bother me though. As long as it works I’m a happy lady.

The next machine I tried was the cross trainer, one of my favorites, and, although it was also an older model of machine and made a weird squeaking noise, I didn’t mind it. I turned my music up louder and pumped my legs harder. Perhaps my favorite part of this gym experience was the after workout stretch. I headed over to the mats and stretched my legs out while my friend finished up her run. Oh the joys of stretching your arms and legs out after an intense workout. I woke up this morning with only mild soreness and felt ready to take on the day, one of the many perks of a good workout.