Strange weather we’ve been having recently.  Last week we had snow, we had cold weather, we bundled up and we trudged to class.  After two days, all that’s left now is a bunch of puddles and some balmy 40°F partly-cloudy weather.  The forecast says it’s supposed to fall down below 32°F again in the next few days, but I’m not sure we can hope for much more snow.  From what I’d heard about Schenectady winters, I didn’t think they’d end this early.

Classes are going well for me.  Russian language is progressing at about the same pace, and I’m still maintaining a grip on it.  In fact, I’m using Russian phrases in everyday conversation and understanding a lot when I watch a film or listen to a recording.  My preceptorial’s pretty interesting, we’ve read some Walt Whitman and some Jack Kerouac and now we’re taking a look at Sacred Harp singing.  The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, taught by Professor Stephen Berk, is wonderful.  His lectures are unrivaled, and I take close to two and a half pages of notes every class.  I’m happy with my schedule, and I’m using my free time to get more involved with the WRUC radio club and to spend time with friends.