Superbowl Sunday

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I don’t like football. I had to go to all the games in high school for band and I still have no idea what’s going on. What is a first-down? We always had to play a song when that happened. And how do the point work? And that guy that kicks the ball through that pole thing? It just makes no sense to me. People say it’s kind of like ultimate frisbee, but all i see is a bunch of giant men tackling each other.

Anyways, the Superbowl was last night. I have never watched it before. But since everyone was I decided to go down to the third floor to a friends room. There was pizza and wings so that was nice. But then it turned out no one really cared about the game so we watched To Catch a Predator¬†instead…until Beyonce came on, of course (who doesn’t love Beyonce?!).

So that was my first Superbowl experience. It was pretty fun, I guess.

Crazy game though, eh?

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