For my Shakespeare senior seminar, the final project assignment is a paper comparing a 20/201st adaptation of a Shakespeare play with the original text. I just finished figuring out the details of my project: I’m going to compare A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the terrible teen romcom from 2001, Get Over It.

The movie follows the romantic relationships in a high school while the students (who include Kirsten Dunst, Mila Kunis, Shane West,and Sisqo) perform a very ’90s high school rendition of Shakespeare’s comedy, complete with a boyband -style love song about Hermia, a break-dancing Puck, and so many terrible outfit choices that make the blue and purple lenses in ALL of the sunglasses seem completely understandable. Needless to say, I’ll be making a point about how Get Over It, although horrendously lovable, does not exactly maintain the same integrity as Shakespeare’s original A Midsummer Night’s Dream.