Monday was my 20th birthday!!!!!! I’m a huge birthday person, particularly when it’s my own, so today is of course one of my favorite days all year. To celebrate, my parents made the three hour road trip to the U on Saturday. Upon their arrival, this poor college student immediately begged for a trip to WalMart to get some groceries, as I had been avoiding buying them myself for a couple of weeks now. After our immensely successful trip, my parents brought my boyfriend and me out to dinner. Initially, we had wanted to go to Marotta’s, an Italian place right down the street from Union, but unfortunately, we underestimated just how many people would be going out to dinner on a Saturday night. Thankfully, Aperitivo (one of my favorite local restaurants) were more than happy to take us on such short notice! The food is absolutely delicious there, and the atmosphere is just as high quality. The next morning, my parents took five of my friends and me out to breakfast at the Blue Ribbon Diner – one of our favorite spots for brunch whenever they come to visit. Then, my best friends and I settled in to watch the Beyoncé concert – I mean, the Superbowl – with some yummy Japanese take out from Mr. Wasabi. Despite the fact that we were all exhausted, my best friends stayed up until midnight to be able to wish me a happy birthday exactly when the clock struck twelve. On Monday, the actual day of my birth, I got special treatment all day! Then, my wonderful boyfriend took me out to an even better dinner at Marotta’s – SO delicious! When we came home, I was greeted by my own little private birthday party in the common room, a cake and the best friends a girl could wish for. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend!

me with all my birthday goodies!