The other day my Russian professor went off on a tangent about Anna Karenina. Our conversation made me think about all the amazing books I read during high school and how much I miss having an English curriculum now! In fact, at one point in my young life I thought I might major in English (I still secretly dream of becoming a writer — publishing a book is on my bucket list!), but fate had a different plan for me. Nevertheless, I absolutely adore classic literature and my Russian professor’s comments got me daydreaming a list of books I would like to read or re-read when I find some time (got any to spare??). In no particular order, here is my list:

1. Old School — Tobias Wolff (I loved reading this book! I read it in ninth or tenth grade and I just remember being so enamored by the culture and the homage the tale pays to laudable literature.)

2. The Bell Jar — Sylvia Plath (Such a good book! Plath is an artist and I can’t get enough of her. This novel sucks you in and you are Ester Greenwood, Sylvia’s semi-autobiographical protagonist. Agg! Such a good read!)

3. Anna Karenina — Leo Tolstoy (Despite being a Russian language minor and having a father who is obsessed with all things Slavic, I have never read this book. I guess it has always been too long and daunting and I wanted to be old enough to truly appreciate the story. Now I know I’m old enough and I just need to make the time… I’m still going to read it in English though.)

4. The Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald (No words. It’s an obsession, as seen herehere, and here. Say you’re a fan of Fitzgerald and I’m a fan of you!)

5. Franny and Zooey — J.D. Salinger (MY.ALL.TIME.FAVORITE.BOOK.EVER. Salinger is a god. If Fitzgerald is the world, Salinger is the universe. I don’t even know how to begin to describe my love for this novel. I love it. I am in love with it.)

6. 1984 — George Orwell (I’ve been having a lot of conversations with my friends about dystopias recently (don’t ask why…) and I’ve been craving some classic 1984-lovin’. I once wrote a dystopian short story in high school… it was pretty good!)

7. Pride and Prejudice — Jane Austin (I have a confession: I’ve never read a novel by Jane Austin before. Ok! I’m sorry! It’s embarrassing, I know. I have to get on it ASAP)

So many stories, so little time! What is on your reading list right now? Any recommendations??