who would have thunk that a peaceful train ride along the Hudson would soon be mentally erased by Nemo 2013?

Last Thursday I had final round interviews down in New York City. As if the six 20-minute back-to-back-to-back-to-etc. interviews weren’t crazy enough, I was frantically checking my phone in between conversations to get the latest on the blizzard quickly headed my way and the 411 on my final round interviews at another firm scheduled for Friday! Two interviews in I received a phone alert that the area I was currently located in was on blizzard-watch. Three interviews in I received an email that said the Friday interviews were being post-poned and that you should NOT come into the city (awesome). Four interviews in I was checking Amtrak schedules to see what my options were. And five interviews in I realized that this was going to be a great example of a time I “succeeded under pressure,” but probably something I shouldn’t mention during these interviews. Nevertheless, everything went very well and by midnight I was back in Schenectady, NY. Was it one of my longest days ever? Yep! But did I love it anyway? Of course 🙂