I am a Haitian citizen and that is where I grew up so I know all the traditions. This week, they are celebrating Carnival. They celebrate happiness, music, food, and friends. Carnival is not only a Haitian tradition. It’s also celebrated in Brazil and New Orléans. It usually happens the second week of February and goes on for a week. Each day, you dress up as a different person and go out to party. There is music and people dancing everywhere. It is like a longer version of Halloween  I am a huge carnival fan. The last time I was in Haiti during carnival, I dressed up as Spider man. But this year, I am not there so I am enjoying picture of the carnival that posted on Facebook by friends and the Haitian government. However, I am still thinking about celebrating carnival. I am not under a hot sun near a beach but I will find a way to celebrate.


Photos by Haitian government.