One time I was at Six Flags, and someone said we should go to Coldstone. I had never been and only knew that it was ice cream because there are coldstone ice cream flavored jelly beans (I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Jelly Beans). We didn’t end up going to Coldstone that day because it had closed for the rain or something like that (also maybe we didn’t go because this was the day a classmate threw up on me in high school), but since there has been this wonder of what the Cold Stone hype is all about.

AND then I get here, and it’s my friend’s birthday, and she wants Coldstone because it is her favorite place to eat. So I go, but I’m too full from the dinner right before to order anything. So again, I didn’t get the Coldstone. I just watched the weird way they worked with ice cream and tried a few mini-spoon samples of flavors.

But then, the very next day…Emily asked if I wanted to go again. I almost declined because I had things to do, but I realized that I just had to go. So I did. And it was fantastic. I got cake batter ice cream with Twix, fudge, and brownie. It was excellent. I get why people love Coldstone so much now!