Too much dreaming, not enough sleeping

I’ve been having the weirdest dreams lately! Since I can remember, I’ve always had really vivid, complicated dreams (I’m specifically thinking of one ‘dream-within-a-dream’ occurrence that I still can’t quite figure out).. but lately my dreams have been so consistently strange. Sunday night I was hysterically crying on the floor of a supermarket, Monday night I was in my old high school trying to desperately save my younger sisters, and this afternoon I woke up from my nap with a distinct memory of running somewhere cold while my mom and grandmother argued. I’m sure dream analysis would have loads to say about meanings behind these (okay, maybe because I was curious and started looking it up online)… but all I know is that I’m exhausted. I’m hoping tonight I can dream up a significantly less stressful beach to lay on or book to read!

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Ceillie '13

Hi! I’m Ceillie! I moved from what I thought was a really small town (Watertown, CT) to an actually really small ‘village’ (Whitehall, NY) right before high school, so I already had two hometowns before Union and Schenectady became my home away from home! I’m now settled into my senior year, writing my thesis on Shakespeare and Sophocles for both of my majors, English and Classics. When I’m not in Schaffer library studying or working at the Writing Center, I love to watch terrible tv shows, read, write, laugh, and explore. I love when people say please and thank you, and I really love when they read about my day to day life at the U on Union Unfiltered!

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