Arts & Crafts! (Valentine’s Day Edition!)

I know, I know – Giving you Valentine’s Day tips after Valentine’s day is over is pretty obnoxious. BUT, in my defense, you can always use/make these things for Valentine’s day next year OR use these same DIY ideas for a completely different event/holiday (i.e., birthdays, Easter, any day, really!)

Anyway, this Valentine’s day I got crafty and made Valentine’s day flower hair-clips and personalized cards for some of my friends! (I know – I’m awesome.)

Here are pictures!

Valentine’s Day Hair Clips

Showing off my flower hair clips!

For these hair clips, I simply took paper flowers (you can find some at Michael’s or your local arts & crafts store) and hot glued bobby pins to the back of them! Really simple and cute!

Valentine’s Day Personalized Cards

For these cards, I stocked up on paper! Lots and lots of paper! (Again found at your local crafts store!) I also bought some pink ribbon and some more paper flowers. Then I cut and glued and pasted up a storm and came up with these bad boys! Really fun! See what designs you can come up with!

Hope you all had happy Valentine’s Days!




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