The other day I made a discovery that has changed my life. I came upon the third floor study area in the Nott Memorial. Now I had subconsciously always known that this place existed, I had just never checked it out before. I headed up the wrought iron staircase to the third floor and found myself in a world of cushy couches, polished wood tables, and delicious silence. I have always been the type of girl who has liked to study in her own room, surrounded by her own things whilst sitting in her own bed, but times have changed. Most days I am forced to listen to metal music blasting through my walls, rattling my fridge as I attempt to study in College Park Hall. I have since decided that I can no longer do work there and that I must find another spot. The Library was my first choice, but I found it to be the favorite spot of so many other students. I easily get distracted and this just wasn’t going to work for me. So I left the Library and suddenly had a bright idea. Why not try out the Nott? I had remembered from my prospective student tour that the tour guide had mentioned the study area on the third floor, but I had never considered it before. I was so happy to find myself amidst silence and only three other people. Not only is the Nott an awesome place to study or read, it is also so beautiful and, if you get bored, you can head down a floor to the gallery to look at all sorts of interesting art pieces.

Absolutely Divine: The Third Floor of the Nott Memorial