Last night, the Reamer Campus Center hosted an All Night Party.  It wasn’t really all night, though. It only went from 10pm-2am.

Regardless, it was a lot of fun!  There were arcade games on every floor, ring and football tosses, oversized checkers and connect-four, and a pinball machine.  There were also a lot of things you could stand in line to do, like get a wax model of your hand made, make sand art and t-shirts, and also a place where you could make your own chapstick.  By far the most popular event was the build-a-bear workshop on the 4th floor, where the line extended out the door and down the hallway to the refreshments table (where trail mix and apple cider were abundant).  From my position at the Lord of the Rings pinball machine, I watched the line get longer and longer.

Volunteer DJs from WRUC provided music for the entirety of the night.  I was happy to hear that the music inside of the DJ studio was loud, much louder than the music playing all throughout Reamer.  The people running the All Night Party were very enthusiastic about the event, and so were the people who attended.