It’s Always Monday at Union College

Feb 18 by

I love the weekend…time to sleep, time to eat, time to hang out…more time to sleep…but it always goes by way too fast. I feel like it’s always a Monday here–the weekend gone and a whole week of waking up at 8am ahead of me.

This last weekend went by especially quickly. Saturday was taken up by sleeping in late, a trip to the Crossgates mall, and dinner at Sho Gun right after that. I ordered chicken teriyaki and ate way too much.

The next day, my mom visited and took me out to lunch at Sitar, and Indian restaurant really nearby. She wanted to go to the mall again, but I told her I was all malled out.

Then, after a nap when I returned, and doing homework and eating dinner, it was already the end of Sunday. Like, where did it go?

Time is such a mystery.

Until next time, my beloved weekend.

Posing at the restaurant

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  1. Hahahaha — I couldn’t agree more, Mary! Weekends FLY BY at Union and it feels like every single one counts since we only get 10 per term. My biggest dilemma on the weekends is do I catch up on sleep, catch up on homework, or catch up with friends? I’m afraid I’ll never know…

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