I can’t stress to you enough the importance of doing a good dry run when it comes to traveling for business, especially when it comes to interviews. I’ve made the argument before (remember this?), but it is a point worth restating (many, many times, in fact). Today I am traveling down to New York for yet another round of interviews. Normally I would be beyond stressed about the travel part, but I’ve made the trip so many times now that traveling is the least of my worries — as it should be!! The most valuable part of doing a good dry run (or multiple dry runs) when it comes to traveling is not the hand it lends in assuring punctuality on the day of the actual event, but the stress it relieves you of on that day. By and large my only stress today is the actual interview. And while that can be horrifying in its own way, it is an incredible thing! Doing a good dry run lets me focus on questions like “do you see the stock market going up or down in the next few months?” rather than “HELP! Is this train going uptown or downtown?!”

Do you have any travel tips of your own? How do you overcome unexpected travel obstacles?