rainy NYC

Remember the time I sang the praises of planning ahead (i.e. yesterday)?? Well, it looks like I jinxed myself because after feeling so confident about my travel plans down to the city yesterday, it seemed the universe wanted to send me a little reminder that even with the best of planning sometimes some things just can’t be planned for. Take for instance when I walked out of the subway station yesterday: I had just successfully made it to Penn Station on time (even after a 20 minute delay in Poughkeepsie), navigated the correct local uptown train, when I started walking up the stairs to the street and saw that they were wet. What? It was raining. Since when does is rain in New York in February?! Even after all of my planning, even after making sure I had cold medicine and cough drops and mints and gum and chargers and a Tide-to-go and hand sanitizer and an extra pen and safety pins and an extra hair tie and a mini contact solution — I didn’t plan for rain. But it was alright. Such is life! It was humbling. Sometimes plans go unplanned. The world keeps spinning.