This week everyone has been talking about post-graduation plans. Law school acceptances, grad school interviews, job applications have, for some reason, ALL been happening this week. While I obviously feel so happy for my classmates and friends figuring out what amazing things they’ll be doing with their futures, each time I hear news I can’t help but think of how jealous I am. The programs I apply to don’t send decisions until at least the beginning of March, but I’ve still been extra aware of how unprepared I am right now for life after graduation in June.

Prompted by the graduation panic, I went to a Becker Career Center informational session on UCAN- the Union Career Advisory Network database. This new program allows Union students to contact over 7,000 Union Alums or “Friends of the College” (most often parents of Union students or alums) about their professional careers, whether it be the work force or graduate school programs. I was so excited to learn about this awesome networking opportunity that I’ve momentarily paused my post-grad panic… Here’s hoping it lasts until March!