What have I been up to?  Not sleeping.

In true collegiate fashion, I waited until super late to start an essay for my preceptorial class.  A preceptorial is a class intended to strengthen a student’s reading comprehension and analysis as well as to bolster their writing.  Every first year is required to take a preceptorial, but there are different courses to choose from.  This year, a few choices included a class on ghosts and ghost stories, one on classic Greek and Roman stories, and one based in Jack Kerouac and Walt Whitman.  I’m in the Kerouac/Whitman class, and overall, we’re trying to see how different people find meaning in American life.  It’s an interesting course, and about a third of the people who live on my floor are in the same class as I am.  So, when I moved down the hall into the common room on Sunday night to work on this paper, I found I wasn’t alone.

In fact, there were six of us in the common room writing papers for the same class.  A few of us took naps, and when our phone alarms went off, we made sure that the person napping got back up to finish their paper.  I got about 2 hours of sleep that night, and though it wasn’t the best thing I’d ever written (not by a long shot), I finished it.  I was the last one, and I watched as one by one my floormates drifted off to bed.  When it comes to writing, I know I’m slow, but I enjoy doing it.

That was the big sleep-depriver of my week.  Yesterday I had a Russian exam at 9:15am, but I managed to get a good amount of sleep for that and I feel I did well on it.  Other than a wonky sleep schedule, things are going pretty well around here.  I went to an Arts House mixer because I applied to live there next year, and I really liked all the people I met.  Arts House is one of the theme houses that Union offers as housing, and I applied there because of my love of music and because I know someone who lives there currently and they gave it a positive review.

Speaking of music, let me leave you with a little something.  I’ve been listening to the Flaming Lips a lot recently, a band I was really into a few years ago.  They’re pretty progressive and experimental, and they’ve really done a lot in the 30 years they’ve been kicking around in the music industry.  Here’s a track off of 2006’s At War With the Mystics, a personal favorite of mine.  Dosvedanya!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8oGGgBK2xY]