Every year the Union Scholars program takes around 50 scholars to Montreal for a weekend. Last weekend, I was one who went. It was the Highlights Festival in Montreal, so there was a lot to do.

We went to a cheese festival (so much free cheese!!), an ice slide (but the line was too long). We went to a mall, and walked in the snow and had a wonderful 1 o’clock breakfast!

One highlight was going to Old Montreal. I didn’t know what to expects, but one of the chaperones said that we would regret not going. And he was so right. It was beautiful. I felt as if I was in a little old European town. There were lighted icicles over the streets, and a little maple hut that had delicious maple taffy that you rolled for yourself. There were adorable little shops and we could see the waterfront with remnants of the Olympics nearby. We ate dinner in Old Montreal (I ordered poutine, a Canadaian classic…and one of the five times I ordered fries that weekend…) and then headed back to our Chinatown hotel.

Later that night we got dressed and went to Karaoke! I lost my voice from so much singing/screaming. Me and the other girls I was with must have sang at least 7 songs on stage, including selections from Old Crow Medicine Show, the Spice Girls, Katy Perry…and I don’t even know what else off the top of my head. We walked back to our hotel around 3 am, stopping for more late-night poutine on the way (this time it not only had cheese and gravy, but an assortment of vegetables). At this poutine place a door said prive, and I thought it meant bathroom, and walked in…only to find I was in the kitchen with a cook yelling at me! But then we headed back for real and left very early in the morning.

It was such a fun weekend. Montreal is so accessible!

old montreal

old montreal