There are a few different housing options for upcoming sophomores. The most typical is living in a dorm, Fox (like Davidson but not for Freshmen) and College Park Hall (a really nice hotel-transformed-into-dorm-with-workout-stuff-and-such, but that is relatively far away from everything. A second option are the Minerva House, but because they are cleaned by the school and so accessible and prominent, they have so many applications that it isn’t expected to get a spot there for most people. The third option is Theme Houses, different houses around campus with a certain theme (as the name suggests) that connects the people living there.

A few weeks ago some friends and I started fretting over housing, and decided we should apply to all options, just in case. So we all applied to our Minervas (Golub was mine) and selected a few theme houses we would be interested in. Dorm applications haven’t happened yet, so we didn’t worry about that yet.
Over a stressful few weeks waiting, we tried not to get excited about living in a house. It just seemed like such a cool option. Our own living room, kitchen, and people with common interests.

Then last week, me and three friends all got an email saying that we were accepted to Religious Diversity House! We were, and still are, in shock. There are 8 spots in this house, and we were given four of them. I can’t believe I was accepted to a house, let alone with three best friends.

We’re already planning events for next year! How does a staged exorcism sound….


A photo of the four “RDH” girls together