This past weekend my sisters, my cousin, and I went to see Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, and Lee Brice in Albany!

The concert was at the Times Union Center in Albany, which is about 25-30 minutes from campus. After exploring Albany for a bit (I had no idea there was an Irish Heritage museum or that the capital building was that pretty!), we got dinner and headed into the concert. We had the worst seats- I’m terrified of heights, and we were so high up that I had a mini panic attack on the first climb up the steep stairs- but as soon as the concert started I completely forgot about that. Although I didn’t exactly agree with Miranda’s wardrobe choices (a neon pink bra under a white t-shirt? really?), she was a phenomenal performer with so much energy! I was dancing and singing along to songs even if I didn’t know them, and I might have cried during a slower ballad… Embarrassing, but so much fun!!

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Ceillie '13

Hi! I’m Ceillie! I moved from what I thought was a really small town (Watertown, CT) to an actually really small ‘village’ (Whitehall, NY) right before high school, so I already had two hometowns before Union and Schenectady became my home away from home! I’m now settled into my senior year, writing my thesis on Shakespeare and Sophocles for both of my majors, English and Classics. When I’m not in Schaffer library studying or working at the Writing Center, I love to watch terrible tv shows, read, write, laugh, and explore. I love when people say please and thank you, and I really love when they read about my day to day life at the U on Union Unfiltered!

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