I’d been craving barbecue for some time and over the weekend the craving became too much to bear. So Oliver and I drove to the Pig Pit in Troy/Cohoes for some barbecue. Neither of us had ever been to this particular restaurant before, but Oliver wanted to see if it was any good.

Sign at the front of the Pig Pit

The restaurant was shaped like a barn that would house a dozen pigs or so and I eagerly stepped inside. The interior was very different from what I was expecting. Country music was playing on the speakers, the singers whining away, as we sat down in a booth at the back of the small place. The inside of the barn was covered in pig paraphernalia. There were pig stuffed animals, piggie banks, pig costumes, and hanging pig lamps at each table. The place was literally covered with pigs which I found to be cute. We looked over the menu and ended up ordering a bean burrito with chips and salsa, green bean fries, and a pulled pork sandwich. The three men running the place were very nice and our food was brought out not even 15 minutes after we ordered it. Mmmm was it good! I think my favorite thing that we ordered was my burrito, which was delicious. Unfortunately they were all out of pecan pie (my absolute favorite), but we did order some peach cobbler which wasn’t half bad. By the time we got up to leave we were sufficiently stuffed and satisfied.

Chips and Salsa, Pulled Pork on a Bun, and Fried Green Beans