This weekend I had the opportunity to watch & enjoy multiple musical performances!

On Friday, I went to see Zakuro-Daiko (The Union College Japanese Drumming Ensemble) perform their winter concert, titled, A Celebration of WinterI saw them perform last year for the first time and remembered feeling completely pumped up and energized by their passion! This year was the same!

Below is a clip of Zakuro-Daiko performing the piece, “Narushima (Roaring Island)” originally composed/performed by Kodō (鼓童)/Basara:

Narushima (Roarnig Island) performed by Union College’s Zakuro-Daiko Japanese Drumming Ensemble

On Saturday, I went with the Black Student Union to see the musical, FELA! It was absolutely incredible!

Fela Kuti, was a Nigerian musician, composer, pioneer of Afrobeat music, and human rights activist! Hear a Fela Kuti song here!

Needless to say I had a great time and feel pretty musically-inspired!

What did you do this weekend?