On Thursday night, a couple of friends and I attended the winter dance concert at Yulman Theater, Circling Beginnings: Dancing the Seasons, and I am so thrilled we did! Each part of the show was a different season, with both student and staff choreographed numbers that were truly beautiful. In addition, director Miryam Moutillet incorporated two members of the Eliphalets acapella group, Connor Barrett ’14 and Meagan Melley ’16, to sing in between the performances, which was a nice way of breaking up the program – live music is always a treat! With each performance that was a student project, you could really see the individuality and creativity coming through with the choreography, and it was really awesome to see that we have such talented students here at Union in all sorts of mediums.

Although I loved the whole show, there were a few performances that really stood out to me as my favorites. Jenna Langhans ’13 and a dance instructor did a piece set to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”, which happens to be an absolutely gorgeous song, and the dancing to go along with it did not disappoint. I never wanted it to end. I also loved the ensemble piece set to “Jai Ho” during the summer season of the show – it was so fun and lively, the colors were mesmerizing! Another piece that stood out to me was one that involved tap dancing, as well as a bit of hip hop, which was beyond cool. Tap dancing was the last type of dance I was expecting, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a handful of girls in perfect tapping sync.

Imagephoto courtesy miryam moutillet

For my first Union College dance concert, I have to say I picked a pretty good one to check out!