I can’t say how important it is to stay in touch with your family while you’re at college.  Call your siblings, skype with your parents, add your grandparents on Facebook, email your aunts and uncles, snapchat with your dog.  Just keep in touch.  College is a great time to exercise your freedom and grow as an individual, but never forget your family.  They can be the biggest help through your time in college.

This past week I returned home for my grandfather’s funeral.  He was 87, a World War II veteran, a barbershop quartet enthusiast, a machinist, a gardener and a pickle maker.  Above all, he was a man who loved his family.  It was really nice to be able to go home and see my family, but the reason for my trip home was not at all ideal.  I was lucky enough to have seen my grandfather a few weeks before he passed and I knew that his health was rapidly deteriorating, but his passing still came as a shock to me.  Keep in touch with your families while you’re at college, there are dozens of way to do it nowadays what with the new-fangled inter-webs!

This weekend, I made sure to go out to some of the events going on around campus.  I checked out ARTS House’s Open Mic night with Alpha Epsilon Pi, which was very good.  Some acts were funny, some were incredibly talented, and the turnout was strong.  The next night I went to Ozone House’s dance party, which wasn’t exactly my element, but it was definitely a fun time and a popular spot for a lot of people on campus!  The weekend was a last hurrah of sorts.  We were at the beginning of Week 10, Hell Week.  Finals are next week, and students everywhere are cramming and writing essays until they can’t anymore.  Spring break lies on the horizon, though!  All we have to do is jump through a few hoops to get to the end, and then we go home for a bit and do it all again.