I have two “toy cameras” here with me (a fisheye and a wide angle lens). They use film, and I like that because of the surprise when I get my film developed and don’t know what to expect.

Anyways, I had never had a problem finding a place to develop my pictures at home. I would just take them with me wherever and drop them off at a drug store, Wal-Mart, or Target, or grocery store. I never really thought it would be an issue.

But this last weekend I went to Target and CVS (both pretty big places that I’d expect them to be able to do stuff) and neither of them could develop my photos. I’m starting to worry about where I can do this in years to come without it being ridiculously expensive.

Hopefully the CVS closer to school develops film!


This is what the fisheye pictures kind of look like:

It’s been since the season these were taken since I last developed! Crazy.