This weekend I went to see the Winter Dance Concert. The performance was called “Circling Beginnings,” and the sequence of dances followed the progression of the seasons. Along with a physical circle in the center of the stage, the show also began and ended with the same song, of which the only lyrics I remember are “turn, turn, turn”!


The Dance Department holds a Winter Dance concert each year , and the Concert is an opportunity not only to perform, but also to choreograph- for dance minors, a dance project (which is often choreographing) is required. My friend Samantha choreographed a routine for the “Summer” portion of the Circle of seasons- and it was fantastic!

The upbeat music and bright costumes were a perfect “summer” contrast to the slower, more tranquil winter and spring dances that came earlier- and obviously I’m slightly biased because I’m impressed by Samantha’s moves and presence on a daily basis (mostly when she’s trying to teach me how to dance… to no avail, despite her repeated efforts), and her dance happened to incorporate all of the Gamma Phi’s (who all did an amazing job!) in the show, but it was definitely my favorite!